Affordable Dark Kitchens made to simplify food delivery

CloudKitchens™ delivery-only kitchens now available throughout the Middle East. 
Discover how you can start growing your business and gain new customers with a delivery-only kitchen.


Want to grow your food business? Why rent just any commercial kitchen when you can license one with KitchenPark!

Lower operational costs

Dramatically reduce your real estate and labour costs in exchange for higher margins per location. An ideal trade off for food delivery businesses, where all you need is a small kitchen and a handful of staff to succeed.

Lower upfront costs

Avoid the potential $500,000+ upfront investment needed for a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. With only a little upfront capital investment required and just 12 weeks deposit, you can license a delivery-only or commercial kitchen in any of our existing facilities and be trading within a few days.

Expand with speed

Our team can help you find the right space for your size now, with on-site expansion options and more locations available when you’re ready for them. More London and UK locations are coming soon.

Experiment often

Use kitchens to experiment with and launch new brands or menus with low risk, low costs and more profit. It’s also easy to operate multiple branded offerings from a single kitchen.

The restaurant industry is changing

The food delivery market is expected to grow from €40 Billion in 2017 to €70 Billion by 2022. Traditional restaurants that were designed for walk-ins and reservations face challenges juggling a growing delivery businees with high operating costs influencing their bottom line. KitchenPark offers highly affordable smart kitchen spaces designed specifically for delivery-only restaurant locations, that allow you to fulfill your delivery orders in the most cost effective way possible.

/ Our Customers

Partners using our kitchens

KitchenPark works with both large and small businesses. From single location restaurants looking to expand to a new location or gain more customers in their local area, to large national franchises interested in a cost effective, efficient way to reach the growing food delivery and on demand consumer with a scalable solution.

National Chains

Consolidated restaurants seeking to expand or increase their coverage for higher volume and increased flexibility.

Central Kitchen Operator

Restaurants seeking to focus their operation in a single kitchen to lower costs, improve the quality of food, and streamline their deliveries.

Local Restaurants

Restaurant operators with an established brand looking expand their reach into new areas and markets.

Food Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for a low risk and highly efficient way to develop their brand as they switch to delivery only.

Software that connects it all

Our software is made for restauranteurs, chefs, and culinary teams. Instantly connect into our technology stack to grow your business and manage orders in a single app. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand and increase the return on your menus.

Our growing number of locations are selected to give you great access to areas with high levels of demand for online food delivery, to help your business to flourish.

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