Smart kitchen software that simplifies your operations

Introducing our cutting-edge smart kitchen software, designed specifically for restaurants, chefs, and culinary teams across the Middle East. Seamlessly integrate with our technology platform to streamline your operations and efficiently manage all food orders through a single, user-friendly app.

Our robust suite of tools and insights empowers smart kitchen restaurants to optimise operations, accurately forecast demand, and maximise profits. As the food delivery market continues to surge, our strategically located kitchen facilities, combined with our state-of-the-art smart kitchen software, make establishing a thriving smart kitchen in the Middle East more attainable than ever before.

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Serving up the smart kitchen software In today’s digital era, smart kitchen software is indispensable for running a smart kitchen restaurant in the Middle East. Our software is meticulously crafted to eliminate paperwork hassles, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies complexities, allowing you to prioritise food quality and profitability.

Connect all your delivery platforms

Expand your reach effortlessly with our smart kitchen software, which seamlessly links all delivery platforms within each cloud kitchen through a single tablet. This solution streamlines workflows, making managing multiple platforms a breeze.

Manage every order

Say goodbye to the chaos of juggling multiple systems! Our single-tablet system integrates all incoming and outgoing delivery orders, consolidating performance data from various platforms into a centralised, organised interface.

Generate order demand

Unlock growth opportunities by leveraging our consulting services and delivery app marketing expertise. We specialise in creating demand, and helping you attract more customers to your smart kitchen.

Create multiple brands in the same kitchen

Diversify your smart kitchen operations effortlessly by leveraging our portfolio of globally successful, delivery-focused restaurant brands. With our support, you can tap into new consumer segments and expand your business exponentially.

Everything you need at your fingertips At the core of every smart kitchen restaurant lies its food technology. With our proven smart kitchen software, you can seamlessly and efficiently manage your business operations.

Monitor your orders

Effortlessly toggle between auto-confirming orders or manual confirmation using our fast and intuitive food technology.

Link your delivery services

Integrate all your delivery services onto a single tablet with our smart kitchen software.

Get precise reports

Effortlessly export your reports and data onto convenient spreadsheets for thorough analysis.

Easily manage your menus

Modify, add, or remove items from your menu with ease, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Access your history

Keep track of your order history to stay organised and informed.


Access a regularly updated overview of your delivery business through our intuitive dashboard. Make informed decisions to expand your smart kitchen restaurant presence in the Middle East. - Order history/details - Order pausing - Manage and sync menus - Courier tracking - Custom prep times - 3rd party couriers - Powerful reporting - 24/7 support - Connect all delivery apps to a single tablet - Merge order data to create actionable insights - Auto-accept and confirm orders - 86 items

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a smart kitchen?

A smart kitchen restaurant utilises food technology software to streamline food orders, predict demand, and utilise valuable tools and insights for smoother and more effective operations. It seamlessly integrates with various delivery services, enables menu adjustments on the fly, and provides access to real-time data and reports.

What are the benefits of having a smart kitchen?

A smart kitchen restaurant in the form of a cloud kitchen offers a unique solution to the challenges of traditional restaurant management, allowing you to concentrate on culinary excellence and profitability. Through a comprehensive food technology platform, you can integrate delivery services, manage every order, attract more customers, and cultivate multiple brands within the same kitchen. Additionally, a smart kitchen helps reduce operational costs and minimises food wastage.

How does a digital kitchen work?

Using a single tablet, restaurants can seamlessly connect with delivery services, update menus effortlessly, access real-time dashboards for up-to-date information, monitor all orders, generate reports from actual data, and access historical order information for comprehensive tracking. This streamlined approach simplifies and optimises smart kitchen restaurant operations in the Middle East, providing unparalleled advantages in a competitive industry.