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Affordable CloudKitchens™ delivery-only spaces designed to simplify food delivery

Our CloudKitchens™ delivery-only spaces are created to give you ultimate speed and efficiency – so you can focus on making the food and building the business you’ve always dreamed of. Discover how KitchenPark can help you grow your business and gain new customers with CloudKitchens™ delivery-only spaces.

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Why a CloudKitchens™ delivery-only kitchen?

Low risk, high reward

A delivery-only kitchen is a low investment, low-risk alternative that offers substantial operational advantages and unparalleled ROI potential

Find a new pool of customers

Present in the hottest demand areas to increase your revenue potential and the partner of choice of the Middle East top brands with CloudKitchens™ delivery-only kitchens. Tap in markets in Dubai, Riyadh, Damma & Kuwait.

Smaller and more efficient teams

Benefit from a lean operating model with fewer staff and lower overheads, expand into new locations easily and future-proof your business against new retail crisis and pandemics

Multiple brands in one kitchen

Sell through the online delivery platforms and channels you choose. The way you use your CloudKitchens™ delivery-only kitchen is entirely up to you - focus on one brand or more with minimal risk

Flex and scale your business

You can launch your operation in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years, and sell through the online delivery platforms and channels you choose

Work with several delivery platforms

Our custom technology helps keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. Stay organised with however many delivery platforms you use


Save up to 18% of your labour costs, become more resilient to staff shortages and make your team safer & happier with our exclusive processing services

Everything ready to get you started

Fully-serviced sites, alcohol and late-night trading licences, several shared amenities – reduce your overheads and focus on what you do best

Expansion is at your door

Our most successful members reach 3-digit daily orders and unparalleled ROI, expanding nationally and internationally with us

Want to know if a delivery-only kitchen is a right option for you?

"We needed a kitchen and we needed one we could set up fast. KitchenPark gave us the ability to bring our equipment, move in and start cooking." Norah Alfraih - Kei Japanese Restaurant

/ How it works

How does a cloud kitchen work?

We've put together a complete ecosystem of commercial kitchens; you just need to install the necessary equipment for your type of kitchen and start operating. No more work and renovation projects. With KitchenPark, your operation starts in weeks, not months!

How does a dark kitchen work


You can count on an on-site delivery team that takes care of all the logistics. That way, your orders arrive faster and without mistakes.

Logistics and service

You can count on an on-site delivery team that takes care of all the logistics. That way, your orders arrive faster and without mistakes.

Facilities management

Cleaning, maintenance and security of the property are done by us. To give you more free time.

Own technology

All your delivery orders are consolidated on a tablet, which provides all the data to help you plan your work and supplies more effectively.

We help you quickly create new, affordable locations and grow or change your business without spending as much as you would for a regular restaurant. This means you can save a lot on property and staff costs, making more money at each of your cloud kitchens across Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.


Start-up and operating costs are a fraction of those in a brick-and-mortar restaurant

Dark Kitchen

Traditional Restaurant

Real Estate

Avoid paying huge rents for huge dine-in areas that you don't need to operate.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant




Work with a much smaller team while we provide onsite support staff to help you run more smoothly.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant




Much reduced upfront investment in equipment and kitchen improvements vs the fit-out of a restaurant

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant



Weeks to launch

We'll handle all the complex construction, permits, and bureaucratic matters. Simply move in and start cooking.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant



To break even

In a cloud kitchen, it only takes 6 months with 10% profit margins on a $1M run rate to break even.

Dark Kitchen



Traditional Restaurant


Kitchen Specs

Kitchens built for all your needs

We offer customised kitchens for modern-day chefs and restaurant owners looking to tap into the food delivery market. Our facilities support the cooking and production of virtually all cuisine types and can be adapted in both layout and equipment specifications to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we help support you in expansion of space as you grow your business. See our basic utility configurations for gas, electrical and plumbing.

Software that brings it all together

As a cloud kitchen supplier, we know what it takes to make a restaurant successful. Our software provides valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand, increase the return on your menus, and much more.

/ Virtual Brands

Skyrocket your restaurant’s delivery sales

We want to help you grow without complicating the matter. We'll tailor our brands to you so you can use the products and tools you already do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen, also known as a delivery-only kitchen or ghost kitchen, is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the exclusive purpose of fulfilling delivery orders. Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens do not have dine-in areas and primarily focus on preparing food for delivery to another location, be a customer’s home or the primary location of the business.

How does a cloud kitchen offer me more flexibility?

Operating a cloud kitchen provides you with enhanced flexibility in several aspects. Cloud kitchens allow you to operate multiple brands from a single location, adapt menus and cuisines easily, scale operations quickly, and choose delivery platforms based on your business needs. Additionally, cloud kitchens often require lower upfront investment and offer shorter lease terms compared to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, providing more flexibility in managing your resources and operations.

How will opening cloud kitchens drive growth for my restaurant business?

Opening cloud kitchens can drive growth for your restaurant business by expanding your reach to new customer bases in high-demand areas, optimising operational efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and providing opportunities for rapid scalability. With cloud kitchens, you can experiment with new concepts, menus, and delivery models without the constraints of traditional restaurant setups, thereby enhancing your business's growth potential.

How do I know where to open a cloud kitchen?

Selecting the right location for your cloud kitchen involves analysing market demand, population density, competition, delivery infrastructure, and consumer preferences. Conduct thorough market research and leverage data analytics to identify strategic locations with high delivery demand for your products and the regional best fit for your brand,  including Dubai, Riyadh, Damma & Kuwait City, and other key areas.Considering flexible cloud kitchen for rent options can also provide versatility in location and operational costs.

What help does KitchenPark provide? 

KitchenPark offers comprehensive support and expertise to restaurant owners in setting up and operating cloud kitchens across the Middle East, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our services include site selection assistance, kitchen infrastructure setup, logistics management, menu development, technology integration, and marketing support tailored specifically for your cloud kitchen needs. Partner with KitchenPark, to streamline your cloud kitchen operations, drive growth, and succeed in the competitive food delivery market.

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